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Our Story

Holly’s Nest was created after Kim and Byron lost their daughter, Holly, in February of 2004.  Holly loved all animals, and they knew this would be the perfect way to create a legacy to honor her memory. Check out the Tar Heel Traveler video to learn more.

Through the years, their mission has grown to include more and more wildlife. All types of animals make their way to Holly’s Nest each year to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. The wildlife at Holly’s Nest come from wildlife officers, other rehabbers, and concerned neighbors throughout the state. The goal at Holly’s Nest is to nurture and rehabilitate the animals until they are capable of safely and successfully returning to the wild.


Many folks ask if they can visit the facility and see the amazing work that is being done here. Unfortunately, new people showing up daily to visit orphaned and sick animals creates a level of stress that they cannot often endure. If you would like to keep up with us and see all the beautiful babies, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Thank you for your concern for the wildlife around you.

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